Satellite Jockey

by Dave ~ February 8th, 2011

Rick Silva

Rick could be called the forefather of the Satellite Jockey genre. Here he mixes nature and music that is sure to impress. Silva’s various artworks and projects have shown on five continents at media festivals and museums including Transmediale (Berlin), Dotmov (Sapporo), Videobrazil (Sao Paulo), D>Art 04 (Sydney) and Senet (Seoul).

You can visit his official website here –

Satellite Jockey

Satellite Jockey’s take images from satellites, landscape and other earthly image and mix in funky music to give you an extraordinary visual and musical combination. It’s an awe-inspiring mix of art, music and love. We give these artists all the credit and will gladly post the work of other Satellite Jockey’s. Simply contact us with a link to your video and we’ll put it up on the site.